15 Fruit-Tree Pruning Tips to Get Best Results

15 Fruit-Tree Pruning Tips to Get Best Results

Pruning is a crucial part of fruit tree care. It is a perfect amalgamation of science and art. The trees that receive a regular and proper pruning can have a regular growth. On the other hand, if you consider the matter from the aesthetic sense then also you can find that properly pruned trees look beautiful and attractive.

Get The Best Treatment For Your Tree

1. Late winter or early spring are the best time for tree pruning; regardless the pattern of the tree. This is the time when the tree is dormant. You can have a clear vision of the branches and their framework.

2. If you wish to remove the dead and diseased branches from the fruit tree, then you should follow the routine of summer pruning.

3. Get rid of the branches that are too close to the ground.

4. Do not have the cross branches; rather have the branches that look straight and strong.

5. If you prune the tree during monsoon, then there are high chances of getting fungal diseases.

6. When you prune fruit trees, you should have one goal. All the fruits should get ample sunlight and enough space to grow until the last day.

7. You should decide and execute the shaping of the tree within the first three years of the growth. After that, you have to maintain that shape and style through an annual pruning.

8. Never try to prune more than one-quarter of the total branches of any fruit tree at a time.

9. You need to cut back to the collar while pruning a branch. This will help the tree to have the right healing.

10. It is always advisable to use clean and proper equipment to prune a tree. Check the sharpness of the tree. Never use the same saw or pruner for two different trees without sterilizing them with disinfected sprays.

11. 12 feet is the ideal maximum height of any fruit tree. If the height becomes more than that, then you may get difficulties in managing the same.

12. The style of pruning is very important for various types of fruit trees. Central-leader type is best suited for trees like apple or pears. However, this style can fit for any other fruit tree too.

13. There are people, who prefer to have the open-center style of pruning. In this style, the tree looks like an open bowl with an open center. You can have this shape for fruit trees like cherries, apricots, peach, etc.

14. In the case of modified open-center style, the tree will receive the open branches that are widely spread. In this style, the tree has many layers of branches.

15. You have to understand the distinct features of fruit production of the different trees and plan the pruning accordingly.

The best advice on pruning fruit trees can be given by the professional arborists. Thus, you should call professional Arborist Brisbane southside for the most suitable tips.


Difference Between Tree Trimming And Tree Removal

Difference Between Tree Trimming And Tree Removal

A tree needs different types of care to survive in a beautiful and healthy manner. As the owner of the garden, you need to understand which tree should get what type of service. If you are not able to understand these matters, then you should call a professional arborist who is an expert in tree care. He can guide you regarding which tree should get trimming and which one must be removed from the place.

There are differences between tree trimming and tree removal. Before you hire a professional arborist for this job, you should have a little knowledge about the differences between these two. Once you know their individual features, then you can easily understand how different they are from each other.

Note The Different Features

• Tree trimming is also known as tree pruning. Here the old, damaged and unwanted limbs of a tree are cut down to give the tree a healthier and more beautiful look. In this process the entire tree is not harmed.

• On the other hand, tree removal is a very delicate task where high technical skill is required. Generally, a dead tree or unwanted tree is removed from the landscape so that the other new and alive trees can get the chance to grow without any problem.

• Tree trimming is an easy task in comparison to the tree removal. There are seasonal tree pruning where you have to trim the tree at every season to ensure its speedy and proper growth.

• There is nothing “seasonal” for tree removal service. You can remove an unwanted tree anytime. You do not need to wait for the proper time to perform this task.

• When you are availing tree trimming service from a professional arborist, you are concerned about the health and aesthetic matter of that particular tree only. You do not need to think about the other trees.

• In the case of tree removal, you have to take the decision of removing a certain tree for the sake of other trees which are rooted nearby. A dead or damaged tree can be a threat for the host or the surrounding area. Thus, it must be removed.

• Sometimes, a tree is removed to ensure the healthy and fast growth of other species. They need proper space to grow and mature. Thus, a dead tree has to be removed to make sufficient space for them.

• On the other hand, tree trimming is mainly performed to ensure the growth and maturity of that particular tree. Not only the growth but also it is necessary to give the tree a proper shape.

• Sometimes, a tree which is alive needs to be removed because it can be a threat to the driveway, buildings, electric wires or the people who live nearby. However, in the case of tree trimming such danger is not attached.

No matter whether you need tree trimming or tree removal service, you have to choose an experienced, professional and certified arborist for this job. When you want to get flawless Brisbane Southside tree Services, then you have to call the professionals who have a reputation in the market.

Few Factors You Must Consider While Calling a Professional Arborist

Few Factors You Must Consider While Calling a Professional Arborist

The job of an arborist involves with trees. That is the reason they are commonly known as tree surgeons. You may need to call a professional arborist for various reasons. It can be your residential landscape or your commercial property for which you wish to hire a professional team of arborists who can handle the trees of that area. However, before you call them, you should keep few vital factors in your mind.

Understand The Factors
•    There are few occasions when you know that you must have a professional help to maintain the trees of your landscape. There are different types of jobs that can be performed only by a licensed arborist. There is tree trimming, tree removal, tree pruning, tree cutting and many other tasks.

•    Understand what type of property you have. Is it, a residential one or a commercial one? Is it very large with some big and lofty trees? Or is it a small area with some bushes and trees with average height?

•    Now, you have to decide what kind of tree service you need to have for your landscape. Do you want to cut a tree, remove any particular one or just trim the big branches to give them a nice shape? Determine the type of the service and then call the expert.

•    Is it a local tree service providing company or is it located out of the city? You should always hire a local one because they can understand the types of local trees as well as the local weather which plays a vital role in the job of an arborist.

•    Always hire an arborist who has license and certificate for his job. Consider this point as a mandatory one. You can expect the best service from a licensed tree surgeon because his license is the proof of his expertise as an arborist. Similarly, his certificate can prove his skill and knowledge in this job.

•    Check, whether the arborist has proper insurance coverage or not. The job of the tree surgeon involves risks and thus having the insurance is must. Otherwise, you may have to pay the money in case of accidents or injury.

•    Consider the best time for hiring the professional. Avoid the time of winter or monsoon because both can be dangerous for their job. Heavy rain, storm or snow fall can enhance the risks of their job.

Thus, you need to call them at times when the weather is good and favorable for such a kind of jobs.
All these above-mentioned factors are important for you; especially, if you are hiring the service for the first time. If you avail the service frequently, then you can understand how to choose the right arborist Brisbane Southside and make the job easier for you.

Hire Efficient Arborists for Safest Service

Hire Efficient Arborists for Safest Service

Trees provide the much-required beauty and shade to your living space. People plant more and more trees in their urban environment, to get that soothing greenery that brings a feeling of complacency. But your green friends can become a cause of potential danger if you do not take care. The precariously hanging branches of a tree or a branch that is bending on a side can harm the passers-by at any moment. To get back the safety and a clean look, you require the services of a qualified arborist.

The Services Offered

No matter what your location is, and what type of problem you are facing with your trees, the arborist is just a phone call away. The real arborists provide tree pruning and tree trimming services that are essential for maintenance of tree health. And these services are available throughout the year. The skilled arborist not only removes the trees but also arranges to chop off the stump to ensure your safety.

Tree Trimming Services

People often do not pay attention to the trees unless it poses a problem or becomes too unmanageable. Regular tree trimming services are essential to control the growth of the trees. When you engage an arborist for tree pruning, the knowledgeable tree expert assesses the condition of the tree, to find out which parts require trimming. Not all trees need the same methods of cutting them. The arborist plans the trimming process by considerations like the type, the appearance of the tree, the need for its maintenance and to improve tree health.

Tree Removal

In case, a tree is hindering the movement of people you need to remove it. Sometimes trees dry up and fail to show signs of health even if you water them regularly. You are not sure whether it is dead or not. You require the services of a reliable arborist to diagnose the problem with the tree and remove it using proper techniques if necessary.

Stump Removal

The services of an arborist do not stop with the removal of trees. The professionals arrange for the removal of the logs and chop off the stump using chipping machines. Filling up the gap that the removed tree leaves is the other job that the best arborist executes with equal precision.

Safe and Affordable Services

While carrying out the tree services, the professionals do not compromise the safety of its staff or of anyone who is passing from near the area of work. The best arborists buy coverage for their employees that protect them in the case of an accident. This also saves you from paying the damages, in the event of an accident while working on your premises. When you reach out to the arborists Brisbane Southside, the staff arrives at your location to investigate the problem and offer you some solutions. The arborists also quote the cost of the job, with a proper break-up.

“Healthy Trees and Healthy Environment”

Many people misunderstand the tree pruning program as removal of trees. In fact, there is a huge difference between tree removal and tree lopping. Brisbane Southside tree lopping or tree pruning program is good and conducted by Arborist Brisbane Southside for various reasons.

It is to increase the health and longevity of trees. Often people get the threat of accidents caused by fall of trees. We need to take a good care of your trees. It is quite necessary as it enhances the visibility of your beautiful signage. A proper maintained tree adds looks to your premises and brings safety to the society.

The tree pruning program takes care of the health of the trees. The Brisbane Southside tree lopping program includes shortening the trunks of the tree, cutting down the branches and limbs. Sometimes, tree removal is also important to eliminate a diseased tree.

There are numerous consequences of not conducting a regular pruning program. Pruning of trees is a significant job. If the program is conducted at the proper time by trained Arborist Brisbane Southside then it can avoid the risks like development of low limbs of trees, formation of unwanted co-dominant stems, increased risk of failure, obstructed views and formation of dead & defect branches.

Apart from that trees located near to the significant targets like pedestrian walks, buildings, playgrounds and picnic areas may increase the risk of loss of life and accidents. The Arborist Brisbane Southside service can take care of the huge trees and keep them in proper shape. This helps the trees to grow with strong structured branches.

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