Pruning is a crucial part of fruit tree care. It is a perfect amalgamation of science and art. The trees that receive a regular and proper pruning can have a regular growth. On the other hand, if you consider the matter from the aesthetic sense then also you can find that properly pruned trees look beautiful and attractive.

Get The Best Treatment For Your Tree

1. Late winter or early spring are the best time for tree pruning; regardless the pattern of the tree. This is the time when the tree is dormant. You can have a clear vision of the branches and their framework.

2. If you wish to remove the dead and diseased branches from the fruit tree, then you should follow the routine of summer pruning.

3. Get rid of the branches that are too close to the ground.

4. Do not have the cross branches; rather have the branches that look straight and strong.

5. If you prune the tree during monsoon, then there are high chances of getting fungal diseases.

6. When you prune fruit trees, you should have one goal. All the fruits should get ample sunlight and enough space to grow until the last day.

7. You should decide and execute the shaping of the tree within the first three years of the growth. After that, you have to maintain that shape and style through an annual pruning.

8. Never try to prune more than one-quarter of the total branches of any fruit tree at a time.

9. You need to cut back to the collar while pruning a branch. This will help the tree to have the right healing.

10. It is always advisable to use clean and proper equipment to prune a tree. Check the sharpness of the tree. Never use the same saw or pruner for two different trees without sterilizing them with disinfected sprays.

11. 12 feet is the ideal maximum height of any fruit tree. If the height becomes more than that, then you may get difficulties in managing the same.

12. The style of pruning is very important for various types of fruit trees. Central-leader type is best suited for trees like apple or pears. However, this style can fit for any other fruit tree too.

13. There are people, who prefer to have the open-center style of pruning. In this style, the tree looks like an open bowl with an open center. You can have this shape for fruit trees like cherries, apricots, peach, etc.

14. In the case of modified open-center style, the tree will receive the open branches that are widely spread. In this style, the tree has many layers of branches.

15. You have to understand the distinct features of fruit production of the different trees and plan the pruning accordingly.

The best advice on pruning fruit trees can be given by the professional arborists. Thus, you should call professional Arborist Brisbane southside for the most suitable tips.


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